Tigges Farm 12404 County Road 64 1/2, Greeley, CO 80631 Open: Mid-August - Mid-October Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday ONLY, 10am-6pm Closed: Mon, Tues, Wed 970-686-7225 (Open months & hours ONLY) 970-576-8970 - (Year around, text or voice message preferred as if we don't recognize the number we don't answer) Part of website photography courtesy of: Jen Coet Photography, Photos By Julie B, Family & Friends
Family & Friends spend the winter months making homemade items (décor, macramé, crocheted, knitted, crafted, embroidered, jeweled, etc). The gift shop also has commercial fall décor items. It is a “diamond in the dust” treasure waiting for you to discover. One of a kind gifts you won’t find elsewhere!
October 1-2, 8-9, 15-16 Bigg Buttz BBQ Food Truck https://www.facebook.com/BiggButtzBBQ/
Tigges Farm started in 1934 when Phillip and Lucy Tigges (1st generation) purchased the farm and moved here with their children from Iowa. Robert and Mary Tigges, (2nd generation)owners/farmer took over the farm in 1963. Robert had a "dream" that the old farm equipment would someday be put into a museum. In 2011 that dream came to life as farm equipment moved out of a storage area to places around the farm to be picture places and an outdoor museum of its own right on the farm. The produce stand was a “dream” of Mary Tigges. She wanted to operate a vegetable stand since a child. The produce stand her dream come true. In 1987 the produce stand became a reality with the help of her son, Ken Tigges. The building once a sheep barn, a chicken coop, a pig barn, a storage building (to name a few of its historical uses) was transformed into a vegetable stand. Just the wood structure part of the building still retains its roots and country charm with dried gourds hanging from the unpainted wood rafters. In the 1990’s the stand was expanded to the east with a shelter. In 2008, Ken Tigges (3rd generation) became owner of the farm. Siblings Kathy Rickart and Gale Loeffler partnered to keep the dream alive. In 2008-09 the stand was remodeled to include a staff break room, a handicap accessible restroom and more space inside produce stand to include fall and homemade gift items. In 2013 the half circle building was added and grandstands moved to benefit school field trips. If you want to host a reunion, a company appreciation day or birthday party reserve this building on weekends. Just call 970-576-8970. No charge, donations accepted. “We’ll put in a good word for nice weather - but no guarantees.” In 2017 a greenhouse was added for chile plants in the spring and a place to offer customers mini pumpkins, gourds, squash and Agri-tourism activities in the fall. The Bossa Nova Green Chile Farm to Table Nights were hosted in Sept of 2018-19 in the greenhouse. In 2020 - a blip in the 33 year tradition — no pumpkin patches for reasons of COVID-19 safety of customers and staff. Bossa Nova Nights put on pause, but the aroma of roasting chile continued. In 2021 more shelter protection was added for staff outside in the weather roasting chilies. In 2022 the greenhouse was insulated and a tin roof and sides were added to create a center for the Agri-tourism events during October; and for the public to consider for functions, activities or events from spring thru September. It was named the Red Baron Event Building because of the iconic red plane every kid remembers when they visit the farm. It is housed in the building to keep it sheltered from the weather and so many more kids can climb in and fly to wherever their imagination takes them.
Robert Tigges Mary Tigges
October 22-23, 29-30 Slawpy Barn Food Truck https://www.facebook.com/The-Slawpy-Barn-850819798274423/
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